Fr. Thomas J. Brennan, SJ
Fr. Thomas J. Brennan, SJ

What has been the greatest grace of your Jesuit vocation?
I find working alongside of laypeople — and sometimes under their supervision — to be the greatest grace of my Jesuit vocation. Two excellent experiences of working in education immediately come to mind here. In regency at Georgetown Preparatory School, my lay colleagues taught me how to teach, and I worked day-to-day with them in the same office for three years. Since 2001, I have taught at Saint Joseph’s University and have profound respect for my lay friends here; they remain among the most important people in my formation. My lay coworkers have become important collaborators with me on this work, and I will need them to continue to sustain me.

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Sioux Spiritual Center
The Sioux Spiritual Center, nestled amid the hills of western South Dakota, is the heart of the Diocese of Rapid City’s efforts to develop native clergy and leadership on the reservations.