Fr. Quan Minh Tran, SJ
Fr. Quan Minh Tran, SJ

What has been the greatest grace of your Jesuit vocation?
It is the grace to understand that despite my shortcomings, despite many ups and downs or consolations and desolations in my faith journey, His love and call for me has never changed. I realize that He calls me not because I am perfect but because His love and grace can shine through my very weaknesses and shortcomings. The address of my Jesuit vocation slowly goes beyond a physical address and grounds deeper and deeper into the love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. I know that I can put my trust in this God. That trust enhances my ability to find Him in everything I do. God is a God of surprises. From the first few unsteady steps to discern a Jesuit vocation to the night before taking the Final Vows, God has never stopped giving out surprising graces. Sometimes, I received those gifts with joy and amusing laughs. Other times, it took me days to fully accept them with a loving and obedient heart. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, God always leads me right into his arms.

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Our Lady of the Oaks Retreat House
Our Lady of the Oaks Retreat House, located in Grand Coteau, La., has provided a beautiful setting for retreats since 1938.