Fr. Manh D. Tran, SJ
Fr. Manh D. Tran, SJ

What has been the greatest grace of your Jesuit vocation?
The greatest grace of being a Jesuit is to encounter many faces of God. When I visited the sick in the hospital, I saw the face of God in a young woman who struggled with cancer and wondered “Why?” When I visited abused women and children, I saw the face of God in children, who brought joy and laughter in the midst of their family suffering. When I tutored young men on the south side of Chicago, I saw the face of God in these young men who feared being shot. When I visited prisoners at San Quentin, I saw their sorrow and repentance. When I lived in the Philippines, I saw the face of God in scavengers who collected food and recycled items from the garbage. When I work in the Campus Ministry office at Santa Clara University, I see the hopes and dreams of God in college students. Among all the faces of God, the one I see clearly the most is the God of healing and forgiveness in the sacrament of reconciliation. Being a priest, I not only feel the sorrow of penitents but also the mercy of God.

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Loyola Institute for Spirituality
Loyola Institute for Spirituality (LIS), founded in 1997, is located in Orange, CA. LIS provides many programs and services for individuals, parishes, and dioceses throughout Southern California and beyond.