Fr. Jeffrey N. McDougall, SJ
Fr. Jeffrey N. McDougall, SJ

What has been the greatest grace of your Jesuit vocation?
When I was a novice in my room was an interesting night-light. It was made from a piece of firewood that was half-cylinder in shape with about a six-inch radius. It was less than a foot high, with a hole cut in the side. Behind the hole was a small light bulb. In front of the hole was a small picture of Jesus holding a little lamb in his arms. Around Jesus there were other sheep as well. The whole thing was attached to an electric cord so, when plugged in, one could turn the bulb on or off. I was describing this to my novice master during one of our spiritual conversations and he asked me, “Now, which sheep are you?” I answered that I was one of the ones standing off at a distance and admiring Jesus. He replied, “No, you are the little lamb that Jesus is holding in his arms.” Then he told me to go and pray about it.

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White House Jesuit Retreat Center
The White House Jesuit Retreat Center is located on a beautiful 80-acre campus on the bluffs of the Mississippi River in St. Louis.