Igniting Our Values
Igniting Our Values

March 6, Friday

The Magis

Cindy Reopelle, principal at Gonzaga Prep in Spokane, Washington, approaches our discussion of the Magis by way of another Ignatian ideal, cura personalis, the “care for the whole person.”


Scripture Readings

Sunday Readings - Week 2

GN 22:1-2, 9A, 10-13, 15-18
ROM 8:31B-34
MK 9:2-10



A procedural note: our reflections and prayers will refer to the Sunday readings for the week, not the daily readings.

Daily Reflection

The Magis and Cura Personalis
by Cindy Reopelle

Gonzaga Prep seeks what St. Ignatius of Loyola called the Magis — that which is better or deeper — the more. Each year during Lent, we reflect on our response to the Magis and end our school day praying an Examen.

Gonzaga Prep is truly a unique Jesuit high school. We welcome students of a wide spectrum of academic ability, economic levels and diverse backgrounds. The miracle of Prep is that the vast majority of our graduates attend college immediately after high school. I firmly believe many of those students would not be attending college if they had not spent four years in the college preparatory environment of Gonzaga Prep. Our challenge is to educate each individual student and to provide opportunities for growth, academic rigor and success.

Gonzaga Prep is always seeking ways to educate our students more effectively. It is equally important that we find better and deeper ways to serve our students. As a Jesuit school we are challenged to live the Ignatian ideal of cura personalis — the personalized care and concern for the individual. We are called to serve all students and to help each one achieve his or her greatest potential. Like Abraham in Sunday’s first reading, we say, "Here I am!" to each of our students every day.

Our desire to truly live the Magis and the ideal of cura personalis guides our evaluation and reflection. Our students who struggle academically and have been diagnosed with learning differences have been our greatest concern for a number of years. Through the generosity of two benefactors, we were able to hire a full-time learning specialist and to create a transformational program. Our learning specialist provides resources for individual students with diagnosed learning differences. Without a doubt, she lives these two Ignatian ideals every day.

In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus converses with Elijah and Moses, two men who, like Abraham, respond to God's call with a whole-hearted yes. Our learning specialist, as well as our administrators, counselors and teachers, are committed to living the Magis and caring for each individual student. This is their whole-hearted yes to God's call.

Magis y Cura Personalis
Por: Cindy Reopelle

Gonzaga Prep busca lo que San Ignacio de Loyola llamó Magis o sea, lo que es mejor o profundo. Cada año durante Cuaresma, nosotros reflexionamos a cerca de nuestra respuesta a Magis y finalizamos nuestro día de escuela rezando un Examen.

Gonzaga Prep es un Colegio Secundario Jesuita realmente único. Nosotros recibimos estudiantes de un gran espectro de capacidades académicas, niveles económicos y diversidad cultural. El milagro de Prep es que la vasta mayoría de nuestros graduados continúa sus estudios a nivel terciario inmediatamente después del secundario. Creo firmemente que muchos de esos estudiantes no hubiesen continuado sus estudios de no haber pasado cuatro años en el ambiente preparatorio de Gonzaga Prep. Nuestro desafío es educar a cada estudiante en particular y proveer oportunidades de crecimiento, rigor académico y éxito.

Gonzaga Prep busca continuamente formas más efectivas de educar a nuestros estudiantes. Es igualmente importante encontrar formas mejores y más profundas de servir a nuestros alumnos. Como Colegio Jesuita estamos desafiados a vivir el ideal Ignaciano de cura personalis – el cuidado personal y la preocupación por el individuo. Estamos llamados a servir a todos los estudiantes y a ayudar a cada uno a lograr su máximo potencial. Como Abraham en la primera lectura del Domingo decimos “¡Aquí estoy!” cada día, a cada uno de nuestros estudiantes.

Nuestro deseo de vivir Magis verdaderamente y el ideal de cura personalis guía nuestra evaluación y reflexión. Nuestros estudiantes con dificultades académicas y que han sido diagnosticados con problemas de aprendizaje, han sido nuestra mayor preocupación por muchos años. A través de la generosidad de dos benefactores, tuvimos la posibilidad de contratar una especialista en aprendizaje y crear un programa transformador. Nuestra especialista en aprendizaje provee recursos para cada estudiante diagnosticado con problemas de aprendizaje. Sin dudas, ella vive estos dos ideales Ignacianos todos los días.

En el evangelio del Domingo, Jesús conversa con Elías y Moisés, dos hombres que, como Abraham respondieron al llamado de Dios con un ¡Sí! de todo corazón. Tanto nuestra especialista en aprendizaje como nuestros administradores, consejeros y profesores, están comprometidos a vivir Magis y cuidar de cada uno de los estudiantes. Éste es su ¡Sí! de todo corazón al llamado de Dios.

Cindy Reopelle is the principal at Gonzaga Preparatory School in Spokane, Washington. She spent eight years as the Provincial Assistant for Secondary and Middle Education and the Assistant for Jesuit and Lay Partnership in the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus. She spent the first 24 years of her career in Jesuit education at Gonzaga Preparatory School as a theology teacher, campus minister, admissions director and academic vice principal. She attended two exemplary Jesuit institutions, Bellarmine Preparatory School and Gonzaga University. Cindy was on the founding board of SEEL Spokane and currently participates in the program as a spiritual director and board member.


Holy, life-giving Spirit,
infuse in us your ability to remain present to your people.
Help us to be there,
to be right there,
for the people who need us.
There for young people,
there for the elderly,
there for the brokenhearted;
fire our hearts with your life-changing presence.
Even though we know you to be everywhere
and in everything,
give us the ability to be fully in one place at a time,
open and ready to love.



HELPED are those who are content to be themselves; they will never lack mystery in their lives and the joys of self-discovery will be constant.

HELPED are those who love the entire cosmos rather than their own tiny country, city, or farm, for to them will be shown the unbroken web of life and the meaning of infinity.

HELPED are those who live in quietness, knowing neither brand name nor fad; they shall live every day as if in eternity, and each moment shall be as full as it is long.

HELPED are those who love others unsplit off from their faults; to them will be given clarity of vision.

HELPED are those who create anything at all, for they shall relive the thrill of their own conception, and realize a partnership in the creation of the Universe that keeps them responsible and cheerful.

HELPED are those who love the Earth, their mother, and who willingly suffer that she may not die; in their grief over her pain they will weep rivers of blood, and in their joy in her lively response to love, they will converse with the trees.

HELPED are those whose every act is a prayer for harmony in the Universe, for they are the restorers of balance to our planet. To them will be given the insight that every good act done anywhere in the cosmos welcomes the life of an animal or a child.

HELPED are those who risk themselves for others' sakes; to them will be given increasing opportunities for ever-greater risks. Theirs will be a vision of the word in which no one's gift is despised or lost.

HELPED are those who strive to give up their anger; their reward will be that in any confrontation their first thoughts will never be of violence or of war.

HELPED are those whose every act is a prayer for peace; on them depends the future of the world.

HELPED are those who forgive; their reward shall be forgiveness of every evil done to them. It will be in their power, therefore, to envision the new Earth.

HELPED are those who are shown the existence of the Creator's magic in the Universe; they shall experience delight and astonishment without ceasing.

HELPED are those who laugh with a pure heart; theirs will be the company of the jolly righteous.

HELPED are those who love all the colors of all the human beings, as they love all the colors of the animals and plants; none of their children, nor any of their ancestors, nor any parts of themselves, shall be hidden from them.

HELPED are those who love the lesbian, the gay, and the straight, as they love the sun, the moon, and the stars. None of their children, nor any of their ancestors, nor any parts of themselves, shall be hidden from them.

HELPED are those who love the broken and the whole; none of their children, nor any of their ancestors, nor any parts of themselves, shall be hidden from them.

HELPED are those who do not join mobs; theirs shall be the understanding that to attack in anger is to murder in confusion.

HELPED are those who find the courage to do at least one small thing each day to help the existence of another — plant, animal, river, or human being. They shall be joined by a multitude of the timid.

HELPED are those who lose their fear of death; theirs is the power to envision the future in a blade of grass.

HELPED are those who love and actively support the diversity of life; they shall be secure in their differences.

HELPED are those who KNOW.
: Alice Walker


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