Fr. John R. Siberski, SJ
Fr. John R. Siberski, SJ

What has been the greatest grace of your Jesuit vocation?
The greatest grace of my Jesuit vocation has been the vocation to the Society itself. Coming as it did when I was in my late forties, it remains a joy-filled surprise. It is the source from which all of the graces of the past 16 years have flowed. Most significantly, the influence of Jesuit spirituality and Ignatian prayer on my life as a physician has been enormous. I don’t think it is possible to dissect it further. The international character of the Society has been another grace. Because of the Society, I’ve been in Taiwan, Vietnam and Australia. One of the great gifts of the Society is that I can go to any continent where Jesuits are and stay with men with whom I have lived, studied or worked. My mom gave me a ring as a vow gift. It is engraved with AMDG. I could not have understood what that meant when I finished medical school in 1975. Explaining it now would take many effusive pages. Suffice it to say that AMDG covers everything in four words.

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Loyola Institute for Spirituality
Loyola Institute for Spirituality (LIS), founded in 1997, is located in Orange, CA. LIS provides many programs and services for individuals, parishes, and dioceses throughout Southern California and beyond.