Fr. J. Timothy Hipskind, SJ
Fr. J. Timothy Hipskind, SJ

What has been the greatest grace of your Jesuit vocation?
The greatest grace of my Jesuit vocation is that it has helped me deepen my relationship to God. The tools and guidance that I have been given as a Jesuit opened a pathway that continues to draw me deeper into the mystery of God’s love and the unique way in which God is calling me. Within the Jesuits, I find community support for regular prayer and psychological growth, but I am also inspired by the heroic lives of my brother Jesuits. They challenge me to look at the tragic brokenness and injustice of our world and consider: How is God calling me to respond? This all comes together when, in preparation for Final Vows, our Provincial asks us to consider: Are we willing to be sent anywhere? My life as a Jesuit had already helped me to see the real challenge in that question, but when I prayed about it, I was surprised to find a voice inside of me saying, "Yes, I am willing; send me." It surprised me because it was not always there, but my relationship with God had deepened to the point where I was able to process the obstacles that had held me back before.

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