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Subject Area : Retraites

Anishinabe Spiritual Centre

The Anishinabe Spiritual Centre is a place of peace, a beautiful retreat space, a welcoming conference centre. It is an ideal setting for conferences, seminars, workshops, business meetings, group retreats, and directed and undirected individual retreats.

Christian Life Community Canada

Christian Life Community (CVZ – CLC) is a worldwide association of small groups of lay people (6 – 10 people) who are striving for a deeper spirituality in the Ignatian tradition that helps them seek and find God in all things.

Ignatian Centre

The Ignatian Centre is a Jesuit ministry run by laity dedicated to bringing the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola to the population of Greater Montreal.

Loyola House/Ignatius Jesuit Centre

Built in 1964, Loyola House in Guelph, ON has welcomed over 60,000 people of all faiths to deepen their spirituality through retreats and ongoing spiritual direction.

Villa Saint-Martin

Villa Saint Martin is a healing centre founded by the Jesuits. It offers an oasis of peace to groups and individuals in search of meaning in their relationships with God, others and themselves.

Villa Loyola

La Villa Loyola de Sudbury, dirigée par les Jésuites de Sudbury, fut, à l’origine, une maison de retraites. Inaugurée en 1962, la Villa Loyola occupe un terrain d’une superficie de 12 acres au sein d’un splendide paysage, situé sur la rive sud du lac Long, à quelques kilomètres du centre-ville de Sudbury, en Ontario.