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Groups: JCCU 2020 Novices (English)

Jesuit Conference Novices 2020

Tuan Anh Nguyen

TA, 27, graduated from San Francisco State University where he received his bachelor’s in human physiology. He volunteered as a fifth-grade catechist and as a youth ministry leader at Most Holy Trinity Church and Our Lady of La Vang in San Jose. He enjoys writing poetry, cooking, and photography. (USA West Province)

Edgardo Morales Snyder

Edgardo, 41, has a bachelor’s in computer science and a master’s in computer information systems and worked as a project manager and application analyst and developer in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He has a private pilot’s license and is an Eagle Scout. Edgardo enjoys movies, reading and exercise and has traveled to Costa Rica, the …

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Abin Sunny Mathew

Abin, 28, was born in Saudi Arabia, where he lived for twelve years. He then moved to India, where his parents are from, and stayed for four years before settling in Canada in 2009. After completing a degree in psychology in St. Albert, Alberta, in 2019, he began to discern a possible vocation to the …

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Eduardo Mata, Jr.

Ed, 32, earned his bachelor’s in philosophy from the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Davao University in the Philippines, which he attended since preschool. He volunteered in the Eversley Childs Sanitarium (Leprosarium) in Cebu, Philippines. Ed worked as an investment banker and then as a private banker after moving to California. He enjoys photography, hiking, lounging on …

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Brian Martindale

Brian, 23, was raised in Carmel, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis. He attended Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis, where he first encountered the Jesuits and began discerning his vocation. He continued his studies and discernment at Marquette University, where he studied biochemistry, philosophy, and peace studies. At Marquette, Brian was also deeply involved in …

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Suffren Jeune

Suffren, 23, is a graduate of Bac II and is passionate about music and reading. “I appreciate the Jesuits for their way of praying and their way of relating to people. In fact, it is through these attitudes that I have felt challenged to experience life more deeply, so that in return I can bear …

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Stephen Lauer

Stephen, 32, is an Eagle Scout. He recently received his Ph.D. in sociology at Kansas State University, where he conducted research to help farmers better manage groundwater. A 2014 convert to Catholicism, Stephen has studied abroad in Egypt, South Africa and Uganda. In 2016, his parish priest encouraged him to be more intentional in his …

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Fr. Max Landman

Fr. Landman, 33, is a priest ordained for the Diocese of Victoria, Texas. He most recently served as parochial vicar of Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church in Port Lavaca, Texas. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Max attended Texas Christian University before entering Holy Trinity Seminary. He enjoys golf, following the news, travel and …

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Austin Kleman

Austin, 23, graduated in 2019 with a psychology and philosophy degree with honors from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. During his studies, Austin participated in a missionary program in Uganda, Africa, and an internship program with the Lasallian brothers in Brisbane, Australia. For the last year, Austin worked as the general manager of a Dunkin’ …

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Pierre Coeur-Saint Jean-Claude

Pierre, 34, studied in Venezuela where he obtained a bachelor’s in computer engineering. He worked for more than four years at the Haitian Prime Minister’s Office as an analyst/programmer. He loves listening to sacred music and reading. “My long-held idea of embarking on an adventure with the Jesuits was finally decided after a 40-day period …

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