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In Memoriam

Jesuit Father Paul F. Granville died on Aug. 1, 2015, at the Ajax-Pickering Hospital in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. He was 88 years old and in religious life for 70 years. Fr. Granville was born in Bedford, Nova Scotia on March 21, 1928, the son of Edward and Greta Granville. Fr. Granville completed four years at Saint Mary’s High School in Halifax and a year at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish in pre-med. Fr. Granville had thought of following his father in medicine, but then decided to follow his brother Edward, who had joined the Jesuits in 1943.

Fr. Granville entered the Society of Jesus at Guelph on July 30, 1945. Following the juniorate and philosophate, he moved to Montreal for three years of regency at Loyola High School. A degree in theology followed in 1955 at the Jesuit Seminary in Toronto. Fr. Granville was ordained a priest on June 22, 1958, in Toronto by Cardinal McGuigan. He completed tertianship in Spokane and then a year of studies in education at Gonzaga University. Fr. Granville was posted to Campion High School, Regina, in 1961 as assistant principal and then in 1963 as principal at Regiopolis High School in Kingston.

In 1971, Fr. Granville moved to St. John’s, Newfoundland, as principal of Gonzaga High School. His years of teaching over, he took a clinical pastoral training program in Halifax in 1975 and became chaplain at Victoria General Hospital in Halifax, a post he held until 1992. He was appointed pastor of St. Bernard’s Church in Enfield, Nova Scotia and continued there until his move to the Jesuit infirmary in Pickering in 2004.