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Located in Montreal, Quebec, the Archive of the Jesuits in Canada reflect the activities of all Jesuits – both those in the Province of French Canada and those in the Province of English Canada – who have worked at home and abroad since their arrival in Canada in 1611. The role of the Archive is to ensure the acquisition of documents, collectibles, rare books and publications relevant to the history of the Jesuits in Canada. The Archive promotes the conservation, accessibility and dissemination of this material.

Founded in 1848 at Collège Ste-Marie in Montreal by Félix Martin, S.J., the Jesuit Archive holds a few documents dating from the French Régime in North America, however, the bulk of the archival holdings were created in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Archive Library offers a collection of works by and about Jesuits in Canada. They are available for consultation on site.

The Archive has a collection of art and artefacts. Some are exhibited in the Félix Martin Reading Room.

The Archive preserve the collective memory of the Jesuits in Canada – their faith and spirituality, their national ministries and communities and their international missions.

25 Jarry Street West, Montreal, QC H2P 1S6, Canada
(514) 387-2541 ext. 238