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Ciszek Hall Jesuit Residential College

Though most students at CHJRC will be enrolled in the M.A. in Philosophy and Society (MAPS), there may be cases in which Jesuits will be missioned to a modified course of study that will be worked out with the Director.  No matter their particular course of study, all Jesuits will participate in the integrative activities of the learning community, particularly in the Ignatian Core.  The Ignatian Core includes those courses and learning experiences that bind the community together in a common purpose.  It guarantees that there will be at least some common experiences in each semester of the program.

  • Introduction to Contextual Learning & The Bronx
  • History, Culture and Politics of Latin America
  • Ignatian Reflection on Contextual Ministry 1, 2, 3
  • History and Culture of the Jesuits 1, 2, 3
  • Contours of the Ancient & Late Antique World
  • Contours of the Late Medieval & Early Modern World
  • Contours of Modernity & Postmodernity
  • Concluding Integration Capstone Seminar