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Ciszek Hall Jesuit Residential College

A unique characteristic of CHJRC is its partnership with ITESO, a Jesuit university in Guadalajara, Mexico that hosts a first studies program for Jesuits from Latin America. Each year, beginning in the third year of the program (2023-24), students from CHJRC will participate in a six-month academic immersion program at ITESO. Simultaneously, Jesuits in formation at ITESO will spend six months living and learning at CHJRC in the Bronx. These academic exchanges are designed by a team of representatives from CHJRC, Fordham University, and ITESO with the shared goal of creating intercultural exchanges that will form Jesuits for global mission. In order to deepen their intercultural competencies, Jesuits from both programs will intensify their language study, live in a Jesuit community with their colleagues, take courses that will count toward their degree, and participate in praxis-placements alongside local community partners and international Jesuits in formation. All courses taken in Guadalajara count towards the MAPS degree at Fordham.

Click here to visit the ITESO website.