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Laudato Si’  challenges the global church to embark on a journey of renewal — a journey that heals our fractured relationships with Creator, Creation and each other. But where do we start? 

Our founder, the pilgrim St. Ignatius of Loyola, knew a thing or two about journeys. We’ve created this resource to help the Ignatian family put  Laudato Si’  into action with the tools of Ignatian spirituality.

What is a Laudato Si' Action Plan?

In the fall of 2021, the Vatican launched its Laudato Si’ Action Platform to guide communities in the development of their own action plans. 

Laudato Si’ Action Plans are made by you. Your plan will outline tangible actions that your community will take to meet the seven Laudato Si’ Goals. Over the next seven years, your plan will measure your progress. From parishes and institutions to families, everyone is invited to develop a plan. 

What are the goals of a Laudato Si' Action Plan?

The Laudato Si’ Goals are guides on our path to renewal. Together, they offer a holistic approach to social, cultural and economic transformation.  For each goal, we provide guided discussion templates to help your community respond. You’ll also find practical resources to help you put your discernment in motion.  

This resource applies the elements of Ignatian discernment to each Laudato Si’ Goal. We also offer practitioner resources and stories from Ignatian organizations that have made LSAP plans. 

Remember — discernment is not one-size-fits-all. Our choices may look different. Like Ignatius, we might encounter roadblocks, and we might need to reassess our strategies or priorities. In these cases, discernment brings us back to our relationship with God and Creation. 

LSAP Institutions

These Jesuit institutions have made the Laudato Si’ Action pledge. 


St. Ignatius Parish, Chestnut Hill, MA

San Francisco, CA

Bellarmine Chapel, Cincinnati, OH

LSAP by Sector

Check out these partner sites for sector-specific guidelines.