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Several Jesuit colleges and universities are addressing their histories of slaveholding:

Georgetown University

Formed the Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation in 2016. Their efforts contine today in three focus areas: Descendant and Community Engagement, Academic and Research Initiatives, and Public History.
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The College of the Holy Cross

Formed the Holy Cross Mulledy/Healy Legacy Committee, which examined the college's historical ties to slavery and proposed recommendations for the college to consider moving forward.
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Saint Louis University

Began examining their slaveholding as part of the SHMR Project in 2016. In 2019, descendants, faculty, students, and administrators initiated a working group to determine the university’s next steps.

John Carroll University

Convened the Working Group on Slavery - Legacy and Reconciliation in 2016 to explore the implications of Archbishop John Carroll's participation in slaveholding.
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Xavier University

Established the Stained Glass Initiative in Response to recommendations put forth by the Working Group on Xavier's Historical Connections to Slavery.
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A number of these universities are members of the Universities Studying Slavery Consortium. For more on these institutional responses, visit our Resources page.

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