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Abin Sunny Mathew

Abin, 28, was born in Saudi Arabia, where he lived for twelve years. He then moved to India, where his parents are from, and stayed for four years before settling in Canada in 2009. After completing a degree in psychology in St. Albert, Alberta, in 2019, he began to discern a possible vocation to the Society of Jesus and joined the Jesuit House of Discernment in Toronto. His hobbies include cooking, watching movies and some television programs and, more recently, riding his bicycle around beautiful Montreal.

“I had been thinking about the priesthood since 2014 and only began to consider the Jesuits in 2019. I usually go on retreat when I visit India, and during one of my visits my spiritual director, who knows me quite well, recommended that I think about the Jesuits… I like the variety of missions. You can teach, do spiritual direction, work in different places…”

(Canada Province)