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John Frederick Saul Simon

John, 30, completed a bachelor’s in history at the University of Toronto, minoring in both Christianity and culture and East Asian studies. After graduating, he worked in Toronto’s financial district for a year and a half. He then joined the local diocesan seminary for a year before leaving. While pursuing a master’s in medieval studies, he began his vocational discernment to become a Jesuit, eventually joining the Jesuit House of Discernment. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and knitting. (Canada Province)

“At the Come-and-See discernment weekend, we did an examen. During the prayer, as I was considering applying, I felt a rush of consolation and grace, which confirmed my thoughts. I also had similar consolations when learning about Ignatius and his early companions, such as Jerome Nadal. All this helped me make the decision to join.”