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Luis Gabriel Ganzon Alde

Luigi, 21, was born in the Philippines and lived in Vancouver for most of his life. Prior to joining the novitiate, he studied chemistry for three years at the University of British Columbia. He then worked in two laboratories, including the National Research Council of Canada. During his university years he sensed a call to the priesthood and eventually left his studies to apply to enter the Society of Jesus.

“While I was at the Come-and-See weekend in Montreal, my desire to become a Jesuit only grew… What attracts me about the Jesuits is their ability to see God in all things—from the minute, little things to prayer and the world. The life of a diocesan priest is focused on the sacraments. A Jesuit, though, might teach at a university, engage in ministry, work as an engineer, or be involved in a variety of other things. I find that beautiful, to see God everywhere.”

(Canada Province)