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Michelangelo Dib

Michelangelo, 51, is of Italian, Syrian, and Lebanese origin, and grew up on three continents. He studied mechanical engineering in Cleveland, Ohio, graduating in 1990, and then moved to Canada to work in computer sales, marketing, and support. His path of discernment towards the priesthood began when he worked for the Archdiocese of Newark in New Jersey. He studied philosophy for a year, applied for admission to the diocesan seminary, and was sent to Rome for theology studies. It was then that he began to consider a vocation to the Society of Jesus. He entered the local Jesuit novitiate but had to leave to attend to family matters. For the past twelve years, he has worked as a home care worker and as a teacher at the Collège Sainte-Marcelline in Montreal. Michelangelo speaks a number of languages and loves painting, photography, cooking, and gardening.

“While at mass at the Collège Sainte-Marcelline, I heard a clear calling to the priesthood… The nuns became my spiritual mothers who nourished and revived my vocation. This was the inspiration for starting my application process.”

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