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Archives: Spirituals

Ignatian Spirituality Project

A remarkable Chicago-based Jesuit ministry which offers retreats to those who are homeless and seeking recovery, to help them find meaning and purpose as they reclaim their lives. The Ignatian Spirituality Project also trains the formerly homeless to assist in giving retreats.

Adapting the Spiritual Exercises

The Spiritual Exercises must be adapted to suit the needs of the person doing them. What constitutes an authentic adaptation of the Exercises? What makes the Exercises “Ignatian”?

Thoughts on Youth and the Ignatian Method

Describing the Spiritual Exercises as primarily a vocational experience in the broadest sense, Stone advocates developing strategies for bringing the Spiritual Exercises to young adults.

Ecology and the Spiritual Exercises

Tucker explores how the Spiritual Exercises provide us with a structure to examine the relationship between the individual and the environment. Article in The Way, 2004.

The Spiritual Exercises and Ecology

Through the experience of the Spiritual Exercises, participants can experience healing of the relationship with God and the earth. This ultimately leads to loving action for the sake of the earth and experiencing the love of God in and through creation.