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Week Three

We pray for the following grace:

Let us pray for the grace to fast from and be freed from anything that keeps me from deepening union with God and neighbor. 

Video Reflection:

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Is this not, rather, the fast that I choose:

releasing those bound unjustly, untying the thongs of the yoke;

Setting free the oppressed,

breaking off every yoke?

Is it not sharing your bread with the hungry,

bringing the afflicted and the homeless into your house;

Clothing the naked when you see them,

and not turning your back on your own flesh?

Isaiah 58: 6 – 7

Questions to Consider:

  1. In praying through the reflection and scripture, what is God saying to you about your own vocation?
  2. As you continue your journey this Lent, what new insight have you gained to put your vocation into action for God’s and God’s creation? 

We reflect on the words of Father Jean-Pierre Medaille, SJ:

Fr. Jean-Pierre,Medaille, SJ, in conjunction with six women who desired to couple apostolic service with a life of holiness, founded the Sisters of Saint Joseph. He was a skillful preacher and spiritual director whose writings, especially “the maxims,” continue to serve as guides for sisters and those connected to the charism.

Live, as much as you can, in such a way that your life, in honor of the Holy Spirit, may be a continual act of the most pure and perfect charity that you are able to practice toward God. Maxim 4

Likewise, be very faithful to the grace of the Holy Spirit, listening attentively, obeying promptly and entirely, attributing to the Holy Spirit, as is indeed just, the honor resulting from the success of your good actions. Maxim 15

In everything and everywhere, have only God, God’s will, and God’s glory before your eyes, and make no account of anything else. Maxim 16

Never complain about anyone but yourself. Maxim 38

Interpret all things from the best possible point of view. Maxim 52

Strive to be kind always to everyone and unkind to no one. Maxim 64

Never think of tomorrow unless it has some necessary link with today but entrust it entirely to Providence. Maxim 69

Live out your life with one desire only: to be always what God wants you to be, in nature, grace,
and glory, for time and for eternity. Maxim 73

Never go ahead of grace by an imprudent eagerness, but quietly await its movements, and,
when it comes to you, go along with it with great gentleness, humility, fidelity, and courage. Maxim 84

Closing Prayer:

Jesus, I want to live like you…Remain before me as the example
on whom I model all that I am about each day.
Help me to be mindful of you, of your presence, at the start of each of my actions.

Thus, whenever I am going to pray, to meet with
others, to eat, to rest, to work, or to perform similar deeds,
not only will I unite these practices of mine to yours,
not only will I join to them your intentions,
but, through a desire to become more like you,
I will keep your divine actions before me as the model of mine.

In this way, may I become for others the love you offer.

May I see with your eyes, speak your words, act through you.

May I love you and others through the very ordinary actions of this day.

Closing Prayer Adapted from prayers and writings of Father Jean Pierre Medaille, SJ as captured in the book Writings of FATHER MEDAILLE, S.J. 1610 -1669 (Toronto edition)

Sr. Michelle Lesher, SSJ

Sr. Michelle Lesher, SSJ

Michelle is a Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia currently serving as the Novice Director for the US Federation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and the Formation Director for her Congregation. Michelle holds a Masters degree in Pastoral Ministry from Boston College School of Theology and Ministry and a Doctor of Ministry from Fordham University. Her concentration is Spirituality and Spiritual Direction. Michelle has experience in education, campus ministry, and retreat work. She has been serving as a Spiritual Director for five years and is passionate when it comes to companioning others in their relationship with God.