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March 8, 2023 — Ten years ago, on March 13, 2013, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was elected Pope. Do you remember those first hours and days? We found out he was from Argentina, the first Pope from the Global South. Then we heard his name would be Francis the First…or maybe just Francis? Then we saw him step to the window above St. Peter’s Square, looking fairly calm but probably also a bit overwhelmed, and he asked the pilgrims thronging below to pray for him before he offered his first papal blessing. He seemed humble and warm.

Then there were other stories of his humility: he checked himself out of the hotel he’d been staying in. He celebrated his first Holy Thursday Mass washing the feet of inmates at a prison. Since then, it’s an understatement to say it’s been quite a decade for the church and the world.

Host Mike Jordan Laskey wanted to reflect on the first 10 years of Francis’ papacy. What have the major themes been? How has the church changed — and not changed? Where might we be headed?

Today’s guest today is perhaps the most qualified person to talk about these questions in the English-speaking world. Austen Ivereigh is a journalist, author and commentator who has written two books about Pope Francis: “The Great Reformer” and “Wounded Shepherd.” He also collaborated with the Pope himself on a book called “Let Us Dream”, which charts a path forward from the Covid pandemic.

In this conversation, Austen offers his characteristically sharp insight on everything Pope Francis; few people on the planet have such a strong understanding of the Holy Father’s heart and mind.

Learn more about Austen.

Read his America Magazine piece on the 10-year anniversary.

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