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September 21, 2023 — If you’ve had any encounter with Jesuits or Ignatian spirituality, you know the whole thing rests on the simple yet radical idea that God is to be found in all things. And films — stories — are an obvious place to look for God. Stories reflect who we are as people; they point the way toward where we might yet go.

We can all point to our favorite “religious” film, right? (“The Mission,” “Of Gods and Men,” “Calvary”…) But what about movies that are less obviously religious? That seems almost entirely bereft of any spirituality?

Today’s topic — and guest — will provide some answers.

John Dougherty has been working in Jesuit schools for more than a decade. He knows a thing or two about finding God in all things — and helping others do the same. As a writer, he’s penned many an essay at the intersection of faith, pop culture, parenting and spirituality. That’s why America Magazine asked him to helm the weekly “Catholic Movie Club” column.

You can learn more about John at and follow along at the Catholic Movie Club.

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