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April 27, 2023 — In 2021, two Jesuits who had just been ordained priests were missioned to serve migrant communities on the U.S.-Mexico border in Brownsville, Texas. Soon after they arrived, Father Brian Strassburger and Father Louie Hotop agreed that there were so many incredible people and stories they were encountering that they just had to share them with the world through a podcast. They asked our communications team at the Jesuit Conference for help producing it, and the result has been one of the most inspiring podcast series you’ll ever hear.

It’s called the Jesuit Border Podcast and we are thrilled to be featuring one of their recent episodes here on our AMDG feed. In this episode, Fr. Louie and Fr. Brian shift from interviewers to interviewees. Asking the questions this time around is the great Jesuit author Fr. Jim Martin, who leads Louie and Brian through an Ignatian examen of their ministry in Brownsville over the past two years. It’s a fabulous interview with so much vulnerability and insight.

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