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April 18, 2024 — In honor of National Poetry Month – which is currently underway during April 2024 – author and editor Gary Jansen returns to the podcast to talk about his latest book, “Meditations at Midnight: Poetry and Prose.”

Gary lives at the intersection of faith and art. He’s worked in publishing a long time—both at secular publishing houses editing Catholic authors, and now at Loyola Press, acquiring and mentoring authors that are writing for a Catholic publisher. Gary is an author himself; he’s been on this podcast before talking about his ghost-ridden memoir, “Holy Ghosts,” and his self-help book called “MicroShifts.” In 2023, he won the Christopher Award for the children’s book “Remember Us With Smiles,” that he co-wrote with his wife. And those are just a few of his books.

He’s back today to talk about his latest book and to reflect on the lasting impact that good writing can have on our souls. If you want to learn more about Gary, visit

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