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By Danielle Harrison

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Imaginative Prayer: Where We Meet

Close my eyes.
Deep breaths.
Quiet my spirit and open my heart.
The invitation:
“Come see Me—Come hear Me
Come walk with Me—Come dance with Me
Come…be with Me.”
Where are we going today, Lord?
Cana? The Sea of Galilee? Jerusalem?
The Syrophoenician Woman-whose daughter is ill.

I am scared—yet I am bold.
I know You can heal my daughter—Gentile though I am.
The need propels me-pushes me forward.
I see the disdain in your friends’ faces;
I hear the whispering: “Why does she bother him?”
I hear your words:
“It is not fair to take the children’s food and throw it to the dogs.”
But…I see your eyes:
“Dance with me…it’s bigger than you and I today.”
“Even the dogs eat the children’s crumbs.”
“The demon is gone!”

I dance my way home.

May I continue
to be bold
to push forward
to live in faith

May I continue to dance.

Danielle HarrisonDanielle Harrison is a seeker and worker for racial justice, a spiritual director and lover of Ignatian spirituality.