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July 11, 2022 — We’re proud to announce that our Jesuit Conference’s Office of Communications and Vocation Promotion won 10 2022 Catholic Press Awards last week, including honors for the AMDG: A Jesuit Podcast and various video, written and social media content.

The Catholic Press Awards are presented annually by the Catholic Media Association, an association of publishers and communication professionals in Catholic media. The association sponsors various award programs that honor works that inform and promote the mission of the Church.

Our weekly newsletter, written by Eric Clayton, deputy director of communications, won first place in the “Best External Newsletter” category. The committee described these reflections as “thoughtful reminders offered in delightful, easy-to-read newsletters [that] pull readers into life issues far beyond bike riding or waiting in a traffic jam or winning at sports like forgiveness, appreciation, faith.” To receive these Ignatian-inspired reflections every Wednesday, sign up here.

AMDG: A Jesuit Podcast, a weekly podcast on spirituality, culture and social justice featuring conversations with Jesuits and friends, won several awards. The Spirituality and the Arts Series, which included guests like acclaimed memoirist and poet Mary Karr and John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats, won first place for the best podcast series, and AMDG won third place as the best overall podcast program. Additionally, the AMDG episode “Synodality Starts with Coffee with Sr. Nathalie Becquart” was awarded third place in the “Best Podcast – Topical News” category. You can find AMDG wherever you get podcasts.

Two initiatives that focused on political issues also took home awards. “Indigenous Truth and Healing,” produced by MegAnne Liebsch, communications manager for justice and ecology, won first place in the category of “Best Package – Political Issues,” and her “Criminal Justice” package took home third place in the same category.

The announcement of the Descendants of Jesuit Slaveholding and Jesuits of the United States’ historic partnership to create the Descendants Truth & Reconciliation Foundation won first place for the best press release.

Our Ignatian Guide to Lent, produced by Eric Clayton and featuring video reflections from Shannon Evans, Cameron Bellm, Becky Eldredge and more, won second place in the “Best Initiative or Campaign Package” category.

MegAnne Liebsch’s video on “What Is Climate Displacement?” received an honorable mention in the “Best Freestanding Presentation of Online Video – Social Justice Issues” category.

Finally, our overall social media efforts were given an honorable mention. Follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram and LinkedIn. Becky Sindelar coordinates most of our social media presence, along with MegAnne Liebsch and Eric Clayton.

The Conference is grateful to have its work recognized and looks forward to continuing to produce multimedia content that promotes Ignatian spirituality and the good news of Jesus Christ.