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Jesuits don’t come ready-made. These men are formed over many years of prayer, study, community and ministry.

But long before a man begins his Jesuit formation, he’s already been formed in what it means to be a curious, compassionate and loving human being.

And for that, we have a Jesuit’s family and friends, colleagues and mentors to thank.

So, how do these essential players view a man’s discernment to religious life, his call to a Jesuit vocation? What’s on the mind of a mother whose son is studying for the priesthood? What do childhood friends think of the call to religious life? In this new video series, we seek to wrestle with these questions and more by talking with the proverbial “village” it takes to raise a man to become a Jesuit.

There are tears of joy and sorrow. There are moments of challenge and grace. There is love freely given and shared with others.

But ultimately, there is God’s delight and love—and the greater glory of that same God whom these men and their communities of family and friends seek to serve.

Meet Tim Breen, SJ.

Meet Eddie Ngô, SJ.

Meet Chris Calderón, SJ.

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