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Through gifts, large and small, our donors make possible the daily miracles of the Society of Jesus and its ministries throughout the world. There are a number of ways for you to support the work of the Jesuits.

The following is a sampling of special projects needing support. Your online donation can fund one of these initiatives, or you can click on the map to the right to make a direct donation to the province of your choice. The Society of Jesus in Canada and the United States is comprised of six geographic provinces, and your donation will be matched to the province in your area.

Formation of Jesuits
The focus of Jesuit formation is to prepare priests and brothers who are well educated, trained in the Spiritual Exercises and have the skills to minister in a diverse and ever changing environment. Today it requires almost $50,000 a year to support each Jesuit in formation – a process that can take upwards of ten years. Please help support the future of the Society of Jesus by making a donation to our formation fund.

Care of Senior and Infirm Jesuits
When Jesuits reach the end of active ministry and require medical assistance, they most often reside in specialized Jesuit communities that provide both a home, and skilled nursing care. This care is administered by medical professionals and made possible by the generosity of many friends, former students, parishioners, retreatants and benefactors. Please consider adding your support for these Jesuits.

Pastoral, Social and Educational Ministries
Across the United States, Jesuits operate colleges and universities, high schools and middle schools, retreat centers and parishes and countless apostolic works. From hospital and prison chaplaincy to programs for those affected by homelessness and gang violence, Jesuits go where needs are greatest. Please consider helping us support these important ministries.

International Ministries
U.S. Jesuits work around the globe in schools, parishes and many other ministries. In addition, each of the nine Jesuits provinces in the United States has multiple “twinning” relationships with Jesuit provinces in Africa, Latin America and Asia, among others. We hope you will consider supporting the international work of American Jesuits.

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