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free will

Free Will and Luis de Molina, SJ

By Richard Sasso One of the most influential theologians across many Christian circles today was a Jesuit priest from 16th-century Spain. That priest is Jesuit Father Luis de Molina, SJ. De Molina’s ideas — known as Molinism — resonate across the theological spectrum. They help scholars in many disciplines think more clearly about topics as …

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Can ChatGPT Help Our Spirituality?

By Eric A. Clayton With every new article published on the AI-driven advances of ChatGPT, I can’t help but wonder: Have we learned nothing from science fiction? Was it just me who watched all those “Matrix” movies? Surely, folks have seen the “Terminator” films? What about the “Battlestar Galactica” reboot? Most commentators agree that we’re still …

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