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After two years of climate denial and delays, the Climate Action Now Act, H.R. 9, is a sign of hope that meaningful climate action is possible.

This climate bill represents a much-needed step toward reaffirming U.S. leadership to address climate change.

If passed, H.R. 9 would acknowledge the United States’ commitment under the international Paris Climate Agreement to reduce carbon pollution by 26 to 28% (from 2005 levels) by 2025. The Act would require the President to develop and submit to Congress a plan on how to achieve this goal.

At a time when our nation and the world, especially vulnerable populations, are feeling the effects of increasing floods, wildfires and other extreme weather events, we urgently need global climate action that will protect humanity and our common home by leading us toward a sustainable, clean energy future.

Pope Francis published his ecology encyclical, Laudato Si’, in advance of the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference. In it, he drew special attention to the importance of international negotiations and global climate action for the common good. He wrote, “Reducing greenhouse gases requires honesty, courage and responsibility, above all on the part of those countries which are most powerful and pollute the most.” (Laudato Si’, n.169)

Please join us in taking action today. Urge your representative to care for our common home and future generations by supporting H.R. 9 and reaffirming U.S. leadership and commitment to address climate change.

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