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UAP image by Erica Tighe CampbellBy Mike Jordan Laskey

When I came across the work of artist Erica Tighe Campbell last year, I knew we just had to get her on board for a project here at the Jesuit Conference. I love her style, which communicates the sacred while staying rooted in the everyday. Her vision made her the perfect fit to create a special image celebrating the Jesuits’ Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAP), four guideposts for Ignatian ministry in place through the end of the decade.

(Read about Erica’s approach to crafting the image in her own words here.)

My favorite part of the image is how Erica combines all four UAP into a single scene: We see a vibrant faith community at work, integrating the four preferences into each moment of life. I feel like the image summarizes the UAP better than any essay I could write.

Our hope is for this image (created in four different languages!) to reach around the planet, wherever Jesuits and mission partners are ministering. It’s my dream for every Jesuit community and work to have at least one copy hanging on the wall!

To that end, we’re making all the high-res image files available for the entire Ignatian family around the world to use however they want. For free.

Simply download whatever file you want here and use them. Here are nine ideas for what you could do with the UAP images:

  • Share on social media. Post away, early and often.
  • Share on your website. Does your website have a UAP page? Put the image(s) there.
  • Make notecards for donors or friends. The Jesuit Central Southern Province did this with great success!
  • Print posters in all four languages and hang them up. Work with a local printer in your community and make your own posters.
  • Mugs? Tote bags? Magnets? UAP swag! Maybe you’re just about to have your first in-person event in over a year and you’d like to give attendees some swag. Slap Erica’s beautiful creation on anything.
  • Use it in your PowerPoints. Giving a presentation that mentions the UAP? Drop the image in a slide.
  • Use it in any printed materials you distribute. Have a newsletter or magazine or notes packet for students? Use the UAP image. (You’re catching my drift by now, yes?)
  • Use the UAP logo Erica made alongside any other logos you put on materials. In addition to the primary creation, Erica also made a UAP logo. Use it wherever you use logos to keep the UAPs on people’s minds.
  • Each element from the image is available separately. Want just an image of a Jesuit and mission partners gathered around a table, sharing a meal? We’ve got that. Or of people protesting injustice? We’ve got that, too. Each element from the image is available for you to use separately, in whatever context you want.

Share your most creative uses of the image with us via email (media [at] Jesuits [dot] org) and we’ll let everyone else know about your awesome idea.

Mike Jordan Laskey is the director of communications for the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States.


To download files, right click on the link or image, and choose “save link as.”

UAP full design

Full sized design. Suitable for Large posters or any smaller use. Choose from the 4 languages below. PDF file format, 77mb each.

UAP logos

UAP art elements