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CTM Videos for 2021-2022

To view the videos for each community group, click on the video player images below. To view the videos full-screen, play the video and click the dashed box icon in the lower right corner of the video. 

Some videos have companion documents which are available for Community Members and Group Facilitators. Links may be found below each video to download the hand-outs as Microsoft Word documents.

CTM Video for 2023


Archive of Previous Years CTM Videos

Below are videos from previous years of the CTM program. We encourage you to review these past videos.

CTM Videos for 2021-2022

CTM Videos for 2020-2021

Resources: Men in Formation

Resources: Apostolic Community

Resources: Men in Retired Community

CTM Videos for 2019 - The Case of Father Tim

Men in Formation

Retirement Communities

Apostolic Communities

CTM Videos for 2018 - The Case of Father Matt

Men in Formation

Retirement Communities

Apostolic Communities

CTM Video for 2017 - The Case of Tim and Catherine

CTM Video for 2016 - The Case of Bill and Jim

CTM Video for 2015 - The Case of Chris and Jim

CTM Video for 2014 - The Case of Carla and Fr. Donald

CTM Video for 2013 - The Case of Jeff and Tom

Praesidium Educational Session, Chicago - 2006