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Jesuit Missions, Inc.

Jesuit Missions, Inc. is a 501c3 offering financial support and grants to the international works of the Society of Jesus. The board of Jesuit Missions, Inc. is comprised of the provincials of the Society of Jesus in the U.S.

  1. JM, Inc. restricts its grants to apostolic works of the Society of Jesus. Therefore, all projects wishing to be eligible to receive donations must be explicitly sponsored by the Society of Jesus.
  2. In order to be considered for funding, all prospective projects must submit a letter to JM, Inc. indicating the nature and purpose of the project. The project will then be reviewed by JM, Inc. staff.
  3. Once reviewed, the project and proposal for JM, Inc. assistance will be submitted for approval to the JM, Inc. Board of Directors.
  4. In order for donors to obtain a charitable deduction under U.S. tax law, JM, Inc. must retain exclusive control as to the use of the assets contributed to JM, Inc. Although we will not be bound by any donor’s suggestion, we will give serious consideration to a donor’s wishes and intentions. As an element of JM, Inc.’s exclusive control as to the use of the funds contributed to JM, Inc. JM, Inc. has no legal obligation to return any part of a donation to the donor solely because JM, Inc. does not use the donation, or any part of it, for a specified overseas project.
  5. JM, Inc. will not accept donations that are conditioned on the donations going, in whole or in part, to a specified project or work in an overseas country.
  6. Following the Board’s approval of the grantee project, a letter of agreement will be signed with the grantee project, specifying the purpose for which the grant may be used and requesting a brief annual report.
  7. Upon receipt of the signed agreement, JM, Inc. will proceed with payment to the grantee.
  8. Donations may be subject to an administrative fee, however, at least 97% of all sums donated are distributed to approved projects.