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2023 Ordinands

Jesuits Celebrate Ordination of 17 New Priests


The Society of Jesus is proud to announce the ordination of 17 new priests in the United States, Canada and Haiti this summer. We invite you to learn more about their lives.

It’s safe to assume every Jesuit has been asked to tell his vocation story at least once — and probably far more times than that.

But how about boiling that story of a lifetime down to six words? This was one of the questions the 17 Jesuits ordained to the priesthood were asked to ponder leading up to these celebrations.

“Put out into deep water,” Andrea Bianchini, SJ, said.

Dan Kennedy, SJ, described it as: “Joy attracts. Call deepens. Following love.”

And Eddie Ngô, SJ, said, “God consistently nudged. I finally responded.”

Whether it was a call or nudge, God’s persistence paid off, as we thank God for the lives and vocations of these 17 men from the United States, Canada and Haiti who have said yes to their Catholic faith, yes to the Society of Jesus and yes to the call to ordained priesthood. Their witness is a sign of joyful hope. Their witness is an invitation to all of us to put our faith into action in service to God and our sisters and brothers everywhere.

The formation process that leads up to Jesuit priestly ordination is a long one, typically lasting 10-12 years and including intensive stages of study, ministry, accompaniment of those on the margins of society, prayer and more — all while living in Jesuit community. This brochure is just a snapshot into the lives of these men throughout their life in the Society of Jesus, capturing some highlights from their journeys and providing a glimpse of their unique personalities. As you learn about them, please keep them in your hearts and in your prayers.