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January 3, 2024—In the countryside of the southern African nation of Zambia, a group of farmers is reimagining agriculture for the 21st century. Founded by Canadian Jesuit Br. Paul Desmarais, the Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre aims to improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers by training them in agroecology. This system of farming is both organic and environmentally friendly, helping farmers adapt to increasing drought and erratic growing seasons in Zambia. Agroecology also focuses on community-building and aims to break cycles of poverty in rural farming regions.

Farmers come to Kasisi’s facilities from across central Zambia to learn about sustainable crop growth, animal husbandry, and grain and yogurt production. The Jesuit Conference team, Eric Clayton and MegAnne Liebsch, visited Kasisi to see firsthand how this community is carving a unique path through agricultural methods that both respond to climate change and return a profit to small-scale farmers.

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Check out more of KATC’s work here. You can also support their work through Canadian Jesuits International.