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Following the violence at the United States Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, Fr. Thomas P. Greene, SJ, provincial of the Jesuits USA Central and Southern Province, sent a letter to members of his province. While noting the statements condemning violence issued by the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and the Jesuit Conference, he added the request that the Jesuits pray together a prayer written by two scholastics of the Central and Southern Province. Here is that prayer:

Download a PDF of the prayer.

Almighty God,
We come to you aware of our sinfulness and brokenness.
Our country is consumed by violence, disease, and injustice.
We are in need of conversion, healing, and reconciliation.
We have sinned, and we turn to you for mercy.
Give our elected officials the courage to lead us to justice and peace.
Send us civic leaders who denounce hatred, violence, racism and intimidation.
Guide us with your wisdom that we may avoid false and demonizing narratives.
Inspire us to be reconcilers and to avoid division and ideological battles.

We appeal to you, confident in your loving mercy,
and assured of your saving plan for your people, especially the poor.
Deliver us from despair, O Lord.
Deliver us from fear, envy, anger and every temptation to violence.
Show us the great abundance with which you have so lovingly blessed us.
Grant us eyes to see and ears to hear You at work in our world and in our lives.
Lead us to seek that grace from above through which we might serve You and your people.
Send us on your mission.

Make of us a people of faith,
That seeks to do your will in the world.
Make of us a people of hope,
That labors for your kingdom of justice and peace.
Make of us a people of love,
That struggles for the good of your humble and meek.

We pray for that joy and consolation that led Saint Ignatius to found the Society of Jesus.
We entrust ourselves to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas,
Through whose intercession you will the salvation of this land.