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Take Action for Our Common Home

What can St. Ignatius teach us about caring for creation?

Throughout the Ignatian Year, our campaign, Renewing the Earth: Living Laudato Si’ in the Year of Ignatius, will explore lessons from the life of St. Ignatius alongside concrete steps for ecological action. This joint project of the Jesuit Conference and Ignatian Solidarity Network will also offer networking calls with representatives from different Jesuit institutions, sharing how communities are promoting environmental justice and sustainability.

Pray the Ecological Examen

Pray for the Boreal Forest

Take the 21-Day Eco-Justice Challenge

This 21-day email challenge from Ignatian Solidarity Network, the Jesuit Conference and our partners will challenge you to learn about the connections between environmental injustice and other systemic issues, such as racism and poverty. 

Environmental Justice Priorities

The journey to ecological justice begins with individual and institutional change, examining our consumption patterns and healing our relationship with creation. Through our advocacy we stand in solidarity with the vulnerable who suffer most from environmental degradation.
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