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Celebrating Jesuit Brothers

We are pilgrims on life’s journey, called to walk closer and closer to God. And Jesuit brothers — living a life of radical availability — are those who respond to a vocation of accompaniment, serving as doctors, teachers, social workers, retreat directors but most of all companions on our life’s pilgrimage, walking alongside us as together we encounter God.

Meet a few of the Jesuit brothers serving in the United States and Canada.

Brothers from Across the Conference

Brent Stevenson Gordon, SJ 
USA Central and Southern
Matt Wooters, SJ
USA Midwest
Joe Hoover, SJ
USA Midwest
Ken Homan, SJ
USA Midwest
Mark J. Mackey, SJ
USA Midwest
Sullivan McCormick, SJ
USA Central and Southern

Jesuit Brothers

What does it mean to live the vocation of the Jesuit brother?

Every brother lives his vocation differently.

Brent Gordon, SJ: “A big part of this vocation is helping to form and maintain spaces where others, and especially fellow Jesuits, can come to better know and more closely follow the Lord.”

Matt Wooters, SJ: “Accompanying people however and wherever they are, especially the excluded who feel far from the church, is a big part of that for me. As a brother, I am in a horizontal relationship with all I meet. There’s a sacredness to that accompaniment.

Joe Hoover, SJ:Brothers I have known tend to keep it simple, taking seriously and literally living out the motto of finding God in all things.”

Ken Homan, SJ: “I am called to the vows and fellowship/brotherhood of Jesuit life, and I am called to be close to and among the people of God, especially in that work for justice.”

Mark Mackey, SJ: “I was first drawn to a deepening of my own faith and a re-prioritizing of my relationship with God. My call to the Jesuits came as a response to a deepening desire to honor that faith and to live a vocation that brought spiritual depth to others.”

Sullivan McCormick, SJ: “I see the brother as ideally someone ready to hold stories and engage in spiritual conversation.”

“Without brothers, the Society of Jesus would not be the Society of Jesus. Brothers embody the Jesuit call to the vowed life in an especially clear way, and they model for us ways of participating in mission… Their example of religious life is vital in today’s Church as we seek to embrace more fully the synodality needed to follow the path of the Lord together.”  — Fr. Arturo Sosa, SJ